The Last Lock
you will ever need
Access control was left in the 20th century.
We're changing that.
More Than a Lock
About Last Lock
Headquartered in Madison, WI, Last Lock is redefining what it means for a lock to be "smart." Going beyond just basic locking and unlocking, Last Lock currently leverages its self-powering, retrofit smart lock in providing secure access management for coworking spaces while also deploying its technology to other industries though its access control partners.
Image of door with last lock on it
Our Platform
Seamless Dashboard
Built exclusively for co-working spaces, Last Lock's platform, Seamless, enables administrators, community managers, and users unparalleled control and insight into their space's utilization and access.
Last Lock's intuitive modern dashboard
Image of hand unlocking a last lock
Our Products
Smarter, Sleeker, and Sustainable - Revolutionizing Access Control!
Combined with industry leading smart lock technology, Seamless securely manages members' 24/7 access using fobs, phones, and wearables while enabling additional features such as touchless visitor management, room booking, amenity tracking, and billing all with a map-based dashboard.To learn more about Last Lock, check out our FAQ section.
Our Team
The Engineers, Designers, and Problem
Thinkers of Last Lock
Jack Ryan's Profile Image
Jack Ryan
Founder, CEO
Electrical Engineering and Economics major with experience designing ultra low-energy electronic hardware
Alex Mahnke's Profile Image
Alex Mahnke
Director of Product
Physics, B.S. from Wisconsin who has previously launched a crowdfunded product that shipped to 13 countries. First Provisional Patent granted by 18 year old.
Evan Kostas's Profile Image
Evan Kostas
Director of Project Management
Business, B.S. from Saint Mary's College of California. Ex-Apple with 8 years of experience in the IoT space
Tori Wiese's Profile Image
Tori Wiese
Director of Operations
An amateur botanist with a BA in History and International Studies from Albion College
Jasmine Seliga's Profile Image
Jasmine Seliga
Director of Business Development
BA in Marketing from Baylor University. Passionate about helping businesses succeed in increasing revenue, sales process creation and pipeline growth
Clayton Jiang's Profile Image
Clayton Jiang
Director of Communications
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science and Economics from Vanderbilt.
Jaideep Bellani's Profile Image
Jaideep Bellani
Manager of Software - Firmware
Experience in full stack software development including React frontend, Javascript, MongoDB, and AWS implementation
Adam Johnson's Profile Image
Adam Johnson
Manager of Hardware
Mechanical engineer with a passion for rapid prototyping, ultra-low-energy electronic and RF systems, and packaging complex assemblies in sleek products
Alec Bailey's Profile Image
Alec Bailey
Manager of Software - Backend
Software engineer, coffee abuser, and real-life Bertram Gilfoyle; focused on mastering the dark magic behind turning crazy ideas into reality
Christian Schuster's Profile Image
Christian Schuster
Manager of Special Projects
Background in electrical, firmware and mechanical engineering. Emphasis on PCB design and RTOS firmware. Builds racecars in their free time.
Nihir Singh's Profile Image
Nihir Singh
Manager of Software - Frontend
Electrical and Computer Engineer with experience in Full Stack software development and embedded systems
Michael Grube's Profile Image
Michael Grube
Manager of Software - Systems
Implementing secure automated solutions at scale
Emily Koranda's Profile Image
Emily Koranda
Manager of Software - UI/UX
Software engineer with experience in front-end development and user experience design
Asa Neal's Profile Image
Asa Neal
Mechanical Engineering Lead
Mechanical engineer and maker with experience in small footprint mechanical and electrical design
Allison Lee's Profile Image
Allison Lee
Software Engineering Lead
Coffee-fueled developer with experience in front-end development and a passion for crafting polished and intuitive user interfaces
Joeseph O'Connell's Profile Image
Joeseph O'Connell
Firmware Engineering Lead
Computer science and mechanical engineering double major with a strong background in 3D printing and electronics
Karl Hahn's Profile Image
Karl Hahn
Electrical Engineering Lead
Electrical engineer with experience in PCB design, firmware, and embedded systems and background in audio electronics
Stefan Allman's Profile Image
Stefan Allman
Firmware Engineering Lead
Computer science major focused on embedded systems development. Experience in C/C++ firmware, low-power systems, RTOS, and wireless communication protocols; hates UART
Eric Li's Profile Image
Eric Li
Firmware Engineer
Wireless Communications development, Docker contanerize Firmware dev environment, and bring cakes to share with the amazing team you see on this page
Calvin Geishirt's Profile Image
Calvin Geishirt
Electrical Engineer
Electrical engineering major with experience building racecars that sometimes almost work
Hunter Goff's Profile Image
Hunter Goff
Software Engineering
Computer Engineering & Computer Sciences student with experience in firmware, fullstack, and hardware design.
Livy Taylor's Profile Image
Livy Taylor
Hardware Intern
Mechanical engineer with experience in rapid iterative prototyping and 3D modeling
Dhruv Bellani's Profile Image
Dhruv Bellani
Firmware Engineering Intern
Computer science major focused on developing embedded systems with a keen interests in frontend development and App design
Michael Lang's Profile Image
Michael Lang
Mechanical Engineering Intern
Passionate about building cool machines
Ishan Rai's Profile Image
Ishan Rai
Engineering Intern (Hardware, Software, Firmware)
EE & CS double major with experience in PCB design, software engineering and firmware engineering
Marcus Thelen's Profile Image
Marcus Thelen
Mechanical Engineering Intern
Mechanical engineering undergrad focused on hardware testing and design with a background in manufacturing and process improvement
Skittles's Profile Image
Director of Bork
Enjoys long walks on the beach and snacks. Specialized in boosting morale and being fluffy
Ready to Revolutionize
the Future of Access?
At Last Lock, we are dedicated to continuously enhancing the security and technology of access control worldwide. Join our visionary team and be a driving force in revolutionizing the future of access. Together, we'll shape a world where convenience meets unparalleled safety, and where innovation knows no bounds.