The Story ... so far
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Last Lock was founded in 2019 by UW-Madison graduate and Minnesota native Jack Ryan. The idea came to Jack as he was walking home and saw a tangled string of locks on a gate. This daisy chain system allows a select number of people access without having to copy and share keys. Additionally, it's easy to add another user to the system by simply adding another lock to the chain.

Jack began to wonder how the simplicity of this access management system could be translated to an IoT device, and thus the driving concept behind Last Lock was born.
Meet the team
Jack Ryan's Profile Image
Jack Ryan
Founder, CEO
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Alex Mahnke's Profile Image
Alex Mahnke
Director of Product
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Clayton Jiang's Profile Image
Clayton Jiang
Director of Communications
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Evan Kostas's Profile Image
Evan Kostas
Director of Project Management
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Alec Bailey
Software Manager - Backend
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Adam Johnson's Profile Image
Adam Johnson
Hardware Manager
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Jaideep Bellani's Profile Image
Jaideep Bellani
Software Manager - Firmware
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Michael Grube's Profile Image
Michael Grube
Software Manager - Systems
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Nihir Singh's Profile Image
Nihir Singh
Software Manager - Frontend
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Tori Wiese's Profile Image
Tori Wiese
Operations Manager
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Akshay Bodla's Profile Image
Akshay Bodla
Frontend Engineering Lead
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Asa Neal's Profile Image
Asa Neal
Mechanical Engineering Lead
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Calvin Geishirt's Profile Image
Calvin Geishirt
Electrical Engineering Lead
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Christian Schuster's Profile Image
Christian Schuster
Mechanical Engineering Intern
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Emily Koranda's Profile Image
Emily Koranda
UI/UX Frontend Engineering Lead
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Eric Li's Profile Image
Eric Li
Firmware Engineering Intern
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Stefan Allman's Profile Image
Stefan Allman
Firmware Engineering Lead
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Steven Lai
Backend Engineering Lead
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Director of Bork