The Story

Last Lock was founded in 2019 by UW-Madison graduate and Minnesota native Jack Ryan. The company emerged from gener8tor’s 16-week Accelerator Studio program based in Milwaukee, WI.

The idea came to Jack as he was walking home and saw a tangled string of locks on a gate. This daisy chain system allows a select number of people access without having to copy and share keys. Additionally, it’s easy to add another user to the system by simply adding another lock to the chain.

Jack began to wonder how the simplicity of this access management system could be translated to an IoT device, and thus the driving concept behind Last Lock was born.

The Team

Jack Ryan

Founder, CEO


Electrical Engineering and Economics major with experience designing ultra low-energy electronic hardware

Ashray Manur, Ph.D.

Director of Technology

Electrical Engineering, Ph.D from Wisconsin with experience in entrepreneurship, IoT, hardware and software.


Rick Chopp

Director of Business


MBA and a masters in Mechanical engineering with a background in construction management and sourcing

Alex Mahnke

Director of Software


Physics, B.S. from Wisconsin who has previously launched a crowdfunded product that shipped to 13 countries. First Provisional Patent granted by 18 year old.

Angela Lee



MBA from Wisconsin with extensive knowledge in financial models.