Designed to retrofit
created to last
Last Lock: A coworking space platform and technology provider leveraging a self-powering, retrofit smart lock.
Meet Last Lock, the innovative retrofittable smart lock designed specifically for the commercial industry, with a focus in coworking spaces.
By replacing the existing lock cylinder, Last Lock instantly transforms any door into a smart one, effectively addressing the lost key problem at a substantially lower cost compared to traditional RFID systems.
Our Solution
Simplifying Legacy Access
complex legacy access
complex legacy access
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simple plug-and-play access
Door with Last Lock
Our Hardware
Lock Features
Retrofit Cylinder
Last Lock can be retrofitted into 98% of US locks. Just keep all your existing hardware and replace the cylinder in three minutes.
LifeTime Battery
Last Lock includes self-powering and energy harvesting technologies, which means the device will never need a change of batteries
Multiple Access Methods
Future-proof and backwards compatible, Last Lock is working with industry leaders to create a lock that supports multiple access methods
reduction in hardware costs
reduction in installation costs
reduction in service costs
Our Software
Seamless Dashboard
Employee looking at Last Lock's intuitive modern dashboard
Map Based, Data Driven
Compared to the Competition
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