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What is a smart lock?
A smart lock is a modern take on the typical mechanical lock. Smart locks are infused with internet-enabled technology that can turn any door into a highly secure and versatile smart entry system. These locks also allow for additional access methods beyond the traditional key and they can keep a record of who accessed a specific lock and when.
What is a “retrofit” smart lock?
A retrofit smart lock is a device that occupies the same shape and size of an existing lock cylinder form-factor and enables the benefits of electronic access management without costly installation or wiring. Last Lock systems and hardware can currently be installed in most mortise, rim, and euro cylinder form-factors!
What does “self-powering” mean?
"Self-powering" refers to a device's ability to generate or obtain its own power to operate, without relying on external power sources such as wired connections. By harvesting mechanical and solar energy, Last Lock devices can remain in a door for over 10 years without any need for battery replacement or maintenance.
What credentials can I use on a Last Lock?
Last Lock systems and hardware are able to be unlocked via keycards, phones, and wearables. Specifically, the devices are compatible with 125kHz, 13.56MHz (NFC), BLE, and UWB credentials.
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